AR5112 card working with madwifi-bsd, hostapd-0.4.1, wpa_supplicant-0.4.1(andopenssl-0.9.7g)

and hansen and0806
Tue Jun 7 02:50:07 PDT 2005

--- Jouni Malinen wrote: 
> Please note that I'm not aware of any problems with
> entering passphrases
> as ASCII passphrases for either hostapd or
> wpa_supplicant. In practice,
> I more or less always use this in the configuration.
> wpa_passphrase
> could be used to speed to the program startup a bit,
> if that is of
> concern, but that is the only real reason for using
> it. When using PSK
> as a hex string, one will need to remember to update
> it if SSID ever
> changes and any of the devices is using a
> passphrase. As such, I would
> recommend using passphrase as an ASCII string in
> wpa_pasphrase field.
> -- 
> Jouni Malinen                                       

No problem in using password instead of passphrase
I'm also able to connect to a linksyswap54g using only

Best Regards
Lasse Jensen

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