porting to world radio chips from conexant

alfred hitch alfred.hitch
Mon Jun 6 22:39:07 PDT 2005

Hi Jouni / All,

1) Well first a good news I have been able to get wpa-psk working with
conexant worldradio cards,
shall release code some time by end of month (need to check / sanitise
copyright issues ).
Wasnt that difficult in the end, interfaces and code of supplicant was
pretty neat I must admire.

Now a problem -;)

2) I thot WPA-EAP should be a breeze now, but I am finding some
difficulty in state machine to go ahead.
I think there is some parameter I am missing, can some one help me here please.

Observation: a simple conf file which forces for WPA-EAP only, and
even no server certificate validation (simplest cases to get it
wpa_supplicant starts and receives a eapol message also.
ethereal logs also show that ap had accepted association request and
had sent EAP-Request identity

supplicant traces show that no state machine transition apparently
happened .. it didnt go into connecting stage from disconnected ..

No replies are given back to AP from supplicant and so poor AP chap
keeps on trying sending again request identity again and again ..

Now, why is supplicant not replying back, no traces at all infact from the 
eapol_sm_rx_eapol function:
just the eapol message dump
and EAPOL-Received EAP packet frame.

->I dont see any function entry signatures being hit ..
->eapol message dumps look as per ethereal no message corruption also.
-> I put a trace in eapol_sm_ex_eapol func.before it calls eapol_sm_step()
{ char buf[4096];
   eapol_sm_get_status(sm, buf, 4096, 1);
   wpa_printf(MSG_INFO, "eapol_sm_get_status  returned %s",buf);
    wpa_printf(MSG_INFO,"sm->userLogoff %d sm->logoffSent %d
sm->initialize %d sm->portEnabled %d sm->portControl %d sm->sPortMode
%d",sm->userLogoff, sm->logoffSent,sm->initialize,
sm->portEnabled,sm->portControl, sm->sPortMode);

All the values on second line were zero and PAE state was reported as
disconnected only.

After this I see in SM_STEP(SUPP_PAE) function:
 else if (((sm->portControl == Auto) &&
                  (sm->sPortMode != sm->portControl)) ||
                 sm->initialize || !sm->portEnabled)

always being enter'ed and so it wasnt going to case SUPP_PAE_CONNECTING: 
which is below it 
(Is my expectation also correct infact).

This it appears to me makes no state transition

PS: attached conf file being used.
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