problem with two hostaps

gondi vamsi gondilist
Fri Jul 29 01:49:17 PDT 2005

dear all,

i have a specific proplem, i am trying to connect two
machines running hostaps. Initially it was fine i have
authentication(open) and associations, so i tried to
work with WPA PSK between them, i have netgear MA301
PLX and MA401 pci cards and the firmware is 1.3.4 so i
updated to 1.7.4 on the two machines. After this when
i try then there is no open authentication even.
Initially i used to have, starting hostapd that this
machine is going to connect another machine as a
station but after flashing i dont even have that. If
there is any suggestions please do mention.

thanking you,
gondi vamsi krishna.

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