Compiling wpa_supplicant on linux for MAC OS X?

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Thu Jul 28 23:42:14 PDT 2005

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 27, 2005 at 06:02:56PM +0200, thomas schorpp wrote:
>>mmmh.. and how to build for apple macos 10.3.9 ?
> I have not done any development for Mac OS X and do not know what would
> be needed to make wpa_supplicant run with it. Since Apple is using gcc,
> there shouldn't be much problems in compiling core code of
> wpa_supplicant.

yes, since therere powerpc linux distris around built the same way this
should do.

> If network code is close to FreeBSD, porting
> driver_bsd.c could be doable. The driver interface is going to be
> different, so number of changes would be needed in this file. I have no
> idea what kind of interface is used here between kernel and user space.

hopefully POSIX / SYSTEM V, but yes, as the current config switches for
the different linux drivers. but theres high risk for the macos card
drivers in 10.3.9 not supporting the needed encryption functions(?).

> If you happen to have a pointer to documentation or source code for
> this, I can take a quick look at what could be needed.

I'll ask the macusers' forums and take a good look myself. If special
problems turn out, i'll ask You. Thx.

> If you would like to build this on Linux, you would also need to have a
> cross compiler for Mac OS. Again, due to gcc being able to run on both
> systems, this would not require much more than building gcc with Mac OS
> X target and getting development headers and libraries.

yes, as for the mentioned powerpc linux distris.

but the macusers I know use special proprietary multimedia software and
therefore do not want to change to linux on their powerpcs, yet.
changing to tiger 10.4. for maybe better wpa/rsn wlan support is
expensive in this sense...

or does anybody know a wrapper for running those apps on powerpc linux?
this could be the easist way.

otherwise, target is to get wpasupplicant running on macos and windos xp
and connecting to linux hostapd using RSN, macos 10.3.9 supplicant seems
not even support ccmp and eapol version 2, xp seems not RSN, maybe
never, as stated on the list, ms seems to be on breaking standards again
by making their proprietary "wps" thing... at least they support eapol 2
and ccmp with wpa currently, connecting successfully to linux ap boxes.

i wont accept any weaker enc+auth than aes and tls on my network...


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