Bypassing T-Mobile's web interface w/ wpa_supplicant...

Peter Losher plosher-keyword-hostap.1d098a
Sun Jul 24 00:14:24 PDT 2005

On Monday 11 July 2005 09:34pm, Martin Samuelsson wrote:

> Have you tried asking them? You are a paying customer, after all...

I seriously doubt that they have even heard of wpa_supplicant... :( (but I 
will try anyway)

> >
> "Customers who wish to authenticate via 802.1x must use T-Mobile Connection
> Manager."
> I would seriously consider using a different provider, if they hold on
> to that quoted sentence after contacting them.

And I live in a world where the vast majority of Wi-Fi access points 
"officially support" just Windows (maybe MacOS as well), and I (and others) 
are still able to use their services with our BSD and Linux laptops,  
Because, while the web-based interface is clunky, it is at least OS-agnostic 
(all you need is a web browser) and it could be a lot worse.  I had just 
wondered if anyone had found a way around the Connection Manager requirement 
for 802.1x.  

Thanks - Peter
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