Q: automatically modprobing hostap_crypt_tkip

Tilman Schoop tilman.schoop
Wed Jul 20 09:32:56 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I am curious how I can automatically load the tkip
module for hostap driver.

when I do
iwconfig ath0 enc ...
the module hostap_crypt_wep is loaded automatically. But when
I use wpa_supplicant in a WPA environment with tkip and
the module hostap_crypt_tkip is not loaded, then wpa_supplicant
cannot connect. modprobing the module manually before start of
wpa_supplicant solves this.

But how is this done automatically?
is the access to the module functions different to the manner iwconfig
accesses hostap_crypt_wep?

any hint appreciated


Tilman Schoop
Email: ts at dsa-ac.de

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