Windows XP SP2 disconnecting with WPA-EAP

Jason Carr jason
Wed Jul 13 18:59:44 PDT 2005

In order to fix this issue, I had to set eap_reauth_period=0.
That's not really a good solution, as machines should reauth...

So I'm thinking that the reauthentication is taking too long.  Is
there some other settings, maybe in FreeRadius that I need to set so
it doesn't take forever to authenticate?  I don't see any issues
with FreeRadius at all, I think it's still something wrong with

- Jason

On Mon, Jul 11, 2005 at 10:09:17PM -0400, Jason Carr wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> I'm having some weird issues with WPA-EAP and Windows XP SP2 clients
> disconnecting often.  I am not using wpa_supplicant on this machine,
> however I've had the same issues with wpa_supplicant.  It seems like
> that this laptop is getting unauthenticated because of an EAP
> timeout.
> I have compiled hostapd with #define EAPOL_VERSION 1 in ieee802_1x.h
> which was a suggestion from a previous post to the mailing list.
> That isn't helping at all.
> So that brings us to the log.  The machine got the connectop dropped
> around July 11, 20:39.  Sorry for the length, but I think it's 
> required.
> - Jason
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