how to send out a mgmt frame with the hostap user daemon?

zhangyanfeng zhangyanfeng
Mon Jul 11 23:05:19 PDT 2005

Dear all:

I tried to use the hostap user daemon to control the terminal to exchange association relation between two AP, and it is a hack and I just want to try out if it works, So I just modified the hostapd.c (it just includes the full hostapd.c file without main() function) and then design my own main(function):(it's aim is to verify whether and how I can send out reassociation mgmt frame)

int main()
    struct hostapd *hapd1;
    hapd1=malloc(sizeof(struct hostapd_data));

Compile and running shows no error. wlan0ap and wlan0sta can be seen from the output of "iwconfig", but the associate frame was not sent, and the hostapd_send_mgmt_frame function in the "ieee802_11_sta_associate" function didn't show any message. 

what is the error in my little hack program? anyone and any help is welcome.

If someone can describe the framework on how to change the associated AP with the hostap user daemon for a station, I 'll appreciate very much!

Anyway, Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,
Zhang Yanfeng 
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