Help about the hostapd

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Wed Jul 13 08:44:13 PDT 2005

HLSun at wrote:
> Hello:
>     Sorry to interrupt you, I am studying the open source project
> hostapd and get your mail from the newsgroup- gmane.
>  and here is a question about the hostapd project , I am wondering if
> you could help me.
>      The question is that, I could not figure out how the hostap driver
> notify the hostapd about its status. For example, if I configure the ap
> with WPA-PSK, TKIP encryption, and after the STA has associated to the
> AP, then it is the ap?s turn to
> start the 4-way Handshake, but how the hostapd know there is a STA has
> associated to the AP?
>       I have spent much time on the code, there is some clue about that.
> First clue is the wireless_send_event, the hostap
> driver use this function to notify several status to the hostapd , but
> just one, IWEVCUSTOM is done by the hostapd for hostap driver. It is
> strange enough!
>       The second clue is the socket, the hostapd use a lot of sockets
> function, but I don?t find one send or sendto function
> In the hostap driver.
>        Do you have any another for this question? Thank you very much,
> and any clue is welcome!
> Steven

hello steven from winbond :)

plsd to see You.

im also on rev. engineering and documenting the complex (hostap-d) code.

@all: people pls help him, his is a fine company supporting oss and even
providing non institutional developers with samples :)


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