Decreasing the txpower to a very low value

G.W. Haywood ged
Sun Jul 10 08:42:34 PDT 2005

Hi there,

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005 sunny sunny wrote:

> I would like to decrease the txpower of the AP (using hostAP drivers)
> below certain level so that the client drops the connection.  The
> client (or station) is about 2 m distance from the AP...

AFAIK you cannot get a finer adjustment from the cards than the rather
crude adjustments that you have tried to use.

You could try using antenna polarization instead of power level.  If
you change the orientation of the antennae so that one is horizontally
polarized and the other vertically polarized, the signal strength will
be very much reduced.

You could remove the antennae altogether, and perhaps use a dummy load
(a resistor) instead of the antennae.

You could put one or both stations in metal boxes, and gradually close
the lids, or shield them from each other with metal some other way.

And of course you could move the stations farther apart... :)

> I would like to lower the power level gradually so that the station
> would see a decrease in power level and finally see the signal level
> drop to the noise level.

The signal level will only drop to the noise level when you switch off
the devices. :)

None of this is really relevant to the HostAP driver.  If these ideas
are not suitable and you want more help, please contact me privately.


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