Decreasing the txpower to a very low value

sunny sunny sunny.tired
Fri Jul 8 09:26:51 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I am creating a test bed for which I would like to decrease the
txpower of the AP (using hostAP drivers) below certain level so that
the client drops the connection. The client (or station) is about 2 m
distance from the AP.

AP and client machines are IBM T30 (using internal wireless card) both
using hostAP driver (version 0.0.4) .

I went over the older mailing list from which I could setup the
txpower level to a low value using
iwpriv eth1 alc 0; iwpriv eth1 txpower 127. 

This gives me the signal level of -100dBm (Noise: -139dBm, link
quality = 16/92) at the client. However the station can still ping the
AP pretty well. I would like to lower the power level gradually so
that the station would see a decrease in power level and finally see
the signal level drop to the noise level.

Any suggestions as in using specific card or some other setting would
be very helpful.


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