Using hostapd as a wired authenticator...

Nomellames nunca nomesigas
Fri Jul 8 07:08:12 PDT 2005


Yes, I have a successfull 802.1x wired authenticator. I used Gunter's
PAE, which patches the kernel using hooks, so only EAP messages will
go through to hostapd until authenticated. However, it will be goo to
add at some point the newer wired crypto security, as it authenticates
MACS, so is not difficult to hijack the connection.

I am unsure if that project is still up, as I am not the mantainer and
I dont think hostap add this features in the main tree. In the current
status I believe hostapd is trigger by dhcp messages, but not sure, I
always went gunter's way.

On 7/8/05, mrcool at <mrcool at> wrote:
> Hello!
> has anyone sucessfully made hostapd work as wired authenticator?  If so, how
> does it work, and how do you config it (hostapd.conf)?
> Does hostapd stop traffic on the interface unless it has an authenticated MAC
> addr?
> Does anyone have anything documented on this?
> thanks
> Jerryf
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