Failed to get WPA/RSN information element

Toshiki Kaifu toshiki
Sat Jul 2 05:58:06 PDT 2005


Having used hostapd with hostap-driver for a long and happy time, I have
been trying to get hostapd be the 802.11i/WPA authenticator for my
*802.11a/b/g Madwifi* AP (Linux 2.4.26).

Setup is:

Access Point: 
* AR5212 based CM9 a/b/g miniPCI
* Madwifi driver (snapshot of 20/06/2005)
* hostapd v0.3.7 (on Linux 2.4.26) - works perfect with hostap-driver

* AR5210 based b/g PCMCIA
* Win-XP SP2
* Driver from Atheros (apparently version

Basically the hostapd driver seems to startup cleanly, except for the
>> l2_packet_receive - recv: Network is down, which apparently can be
ignored (according to a past list message by Jouni)

However I can't get the above PCMCIA to authenticate w/ the hostapd AP
due to folln error:

Deauthenticate all stations
l2_packet_receive - recv: Network is down
Wireless event: cmd=0x8b19 len=12
Wireless event: cmd=0x8c03 len=20
ath0: STA 00:0b:6b:20:0b:13 IEEE 802.11: associated
  New STA
*ioctl[unknown???]: Invalid argument*
*Failed to get WPA/RSN information element.*
Wireless event: cmd=0x8c03 len=20

Apparently the right WPA/RSN header is not being sent by the PCMCIA or
received by the Madwifi+hostapd.  This is with AP locked with iwpriv in
(mode=1) 11a/5GHz

Interestingly this same PCMCIA card works perfect with hostap + hostapd
setup under EAP-TLS, PEAP w/ TKIP.  11b/2.4GHz

Would anyone have a guess on why the *Failed to get WPA/RSN information
element* error?

Why does the Win-XP supplicant work with hostap+hostapd, but flunks on

Thanks much for all your input.

Tosh Kaifu

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