questions about WPA-PSK and EAP-PSK

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Pls see my comments below. Thanks a lot.

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On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 05:40:08PM +0800, SHI YU-SONG-W20040 wrote:

>     Does the WPA-PSK mode also need to config IEEE802.1x? because WPA-PSK also support WPA 4-Way Handshake to generating encrytion data key, by exchanging EAPOL-Key messages between supplicant and authenticator, right?

Config IEEE 802.1X to what? hostapd? Config how? In hostapd.conf
(ieee8021x=1)? If my guesses on what you mean are correct, the answer
would be "No" (in fact, it must _not_ be set unless you also want to use
WPA-Enterprise (EAP authentication)).

If you mean wpa_supplicant and .config, no you do not need to enable

-------- I mean need to enable CONFIG_IEEE8021X_EAPOL in .config, because WPA-PSK also need 802.1x to exchange EAPOL-Key messages, right? need compile eapol_sm.c and eap.c?  Or could you pls tell me the mandatory configuration options in .config to support WPA-PSK?

>     What's the difference between WPA-PSK and EAP-PSK? If I only try to WPA-PSK, Does I need to config EAP-PSK to include IEEE802.1x? (But in the README, which said that WPA-PSK mode does not require EAPOL/EAP implementation, I think need EAPOL-Key to support WPA 4-Way Handshake). 

WPA-PSK is a type of WPA authentication. EAP-PSK is a EAP method (like
EAP-TLS). In general, if you have not heard of EAP-PSK, you do not
need it.. It is still an experimental EAP type and unlikely to be used
in production networks. And no, you do not need EAP-PSK for WPA-PSK.

What README are you talking about? Could you give the exact reference to
the file, version, and location in that file..

-------- I am investigating  the 0.3.6 development release. I double check the README file.which says that WPA-PSK mode does not require  EAPOL/EAP implementation.

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