Problem with WPA access and wlan with a repeater

Dani Camps danicamps81
Tue Jan 25 09:01:05 PST 2005

I have a wlan with two access points, one as a main
access point with an interface in the wired part and
the other one isolated as a repeater. What the specs
from the AP say is that when is acting as a repeater
the only  thing that does is obviously to repeat all
the frames to the root AP. 

I had an open network an everything was working
perfect, the range was extended with the repeater.
Then I wanted to add security, WPA, I configured a
Radius acting as authentication server, the AP was the
authenticator using TKIP encryption, as a supplicants
I had wpa_supplicant in the Linux clients and the wlan
card utilities in the windows clients, and everything
was working fine.

The problem comes with the clients that associate with
the repeater not with the root AP. The security in he
repeater is set as open network, and what I don't like
is that when I enable the repeater option in the AP
the WPA turns off to disabled :-(

Does this mean that is not possible to have WPA and an
AP acting as a repeater ??? (I spent almost 3 weeks in
trying to set up the Radius server, the AP and the
suplicants ...)

Is there any possible solution ? For instance in the
case of using just WEP the repeater should be set with
the WEP encryption on as well ?

Thanks a lot !

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