Fast handoff at L2

Ajeet fromkth+hostap
Tue Jan 25 07:33:18 PST 2005


First of all i want to mention that i have gone through IEEE 802.11 
standard, 802.11f standard, and particular parts of 802.11i standard.
I have also read all HostAP readme and hostap/iapp.c and developer.txt 

I want to implement fasthandoff at L2 by different techniques, and also 
use the that information in 802.11i, though that description is not very 
much clear, but i guess is sufficient in asking following questions.

So here are the questions:
1. Is it possible to scan(actively or passively) just subset of 
channels? if yes then how?

2. If I want to implement neighbor graph learning(only neighbor learning 
from re-association frames and nothing else because i don't need IP 
addresses of APs just the IBSS(MAC) address so i dont need any RADIUS 
module or static IP address to MAC address table or anything else.), i 
guess i have to do that in hostap/iapp.c code, but particularly what 
functions/code-files to use for that or from where to start studying in 
whole hostAP code.

3. If i want to implement neighbor graph learning  at the client side, i 
guess i have to do that in hostAP driver code, but again in that code 
particular which functions/code-files are useful for this or if at least 
you can give a hint that where to start looking/studying code in hostAP 
driver for this task.

As above questions are totally developer question so I humbly request 
Jouni and other developers on this forum to answer and guide me properly 
in this regard.

Some Facts.
I have done only application C/C++ programing on windows environment 
before and know very little about driver or kernel level programing, but 
very ambitious to learn it.



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