senao NL-2511MP PLUS problem

dennis khoo dhskhoo
Sat Jan 22 15:44:55 PST 2005


Thanks for the patch but the problem is still there. I
guess I just have to keep looking at the interrupts
and see what is going on.  At least I know what to
look at  if I run into your problem with 2 senao mp

Thanks again,

> hello!
> i dont know if this is the same thing, but i had a
> similar problem with two 
> seano nl-2511mp plus miniPCI cards sharing the same
> interrupt. 
> i fixed it by changing the hostap code to defer
> initialization of interrupts, 
> so that all devices have been reset properly before
> the irqs are requested.
> this is a workaround for multiple cards that have to
> share the same hardware
> interrupt line. when the system reboots, the
> firmware obviously still
> generates interrupts even after a pci bus reset.
> these interrupts are never
> acknowledged from the newly booted kernel, so the
> interrupt stays active.
> when the driver initializes the first card, it tries
> to request this
> interrupt from the kernel, but the second (not yet
> resetted) keeps the
> interrupt high - this causes the setup_irq function
> in the kernel to hang
> when it tries to restore it's spinlock (function
> spin_unlock_irqrestore),
> dont ask me why.
> the workaround is to reset both cards in the
> prism2_pci_probe as before, but
> to request the interrupts later, after all cards
> have been reset properly.
> a patch against hostap 0.2.6 is attached.
> greetings,
> bruno

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