hostapd groupkey problem with madwifi

Sebastian Weitzel togg
Sun Jan 16 10:20:28 PST 2005

This output means that your wireless client has send a packet to madwifi
accesspoint after bein deauthorized.

I cant guess whats the cause of your problem by the information you
submitted us. In fact it could be anything from bug to defect antenna.

You should examine the problem a while. Does the problem occur regularly?
How long do you have a connection exactly? Have you tried another client,
using wpa_supplicant and not the windows supplicant?

I know this is annoying, but this is a complex system, and people can only
try to help you if you provide as much information as you can.

Btw. try turning of the strict rekeying  option in hostapd.conf, I've not
tested this yet and maybe the problem comes from this.

Sebastian Weitzel

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