Stephan Walter
Fri Jan 14 12:25:03 PST 2005

capacity77 at wrote:
> It seems i don't have an IP assigned. I should give myself a static IP,
> in which file can I set it?

iwconfig doesn't show IP addresses, that's what ifconfig is for. You can 
set the static address in /etc/network/interfaces (see "man interfaces" 
for a description)
But you're most likely going to use DHCP, so there's no need for that. 
If ifconfig doesn't show an IP, run dhclient to get one.

> And if I want to use Compaq WL100 to use another existing AP, should I change
> the mode?


iwconfig wlan0 essid mumble

where "mumble" is the ESSID of your AP (and wlan0 is the interface name, 
of course)


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