hostapd groupkey problem with madwifi

Sebastian Weitzel togg
Fri Jan 14 10:00:30 PST 2005

> I also deleted the line you mentioned. And now the authentication works.
> But
> because of unknown circumstances the connection breaks down.
> auth_algs is set to 1.
> Is your connection stable?

Connection is rock-stable. I've running a wpa-psk connection between two
routers for some hours now, with continously getting exactly 28.2 mbit/s
througput tcp. Please give us some more debug log of hostapd.
You could try playing with rekeying timers e.g. wpa_group_rekey (my most
problems came from reauth issues). You may want to check if there is high
packet loss. Check output of "athstats -i ath0 1" and look if there are
much physical errors or retransmits.

Sebastian Weitzel

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