random disconnects with wpa_supplicant 0.3.2 & ipw2100

Stephan Walter stephan.walter
Fri Jan 14 04:55:19 PST 2005


my university has a new WPA network and I'm trying to connect to it
using ipw2100-1.0.2 and wpa_supplicant 0.3.2 (Debian package). (The
encryption network is in preliminary test phase, and it seems I'm
currently the only one trying to get it to work in Linux)

There are two accesspoints:
SSID "public" is broadcasted. Not encrypted
SSID "epfl" is hidden and using WPA-PEAP

I turn on my wireless card, then it associates automatically with
"public". I run
     iwconfig eth1 essid epfl
to connect to the other ap

Running wpa_supplicants works most of the time.

But sometimes I get these error messages:

Jan 14 11:33:49.447182: EAPOL: SUPP_PAE entering state AUTHENTICATED
Jan 14 11:39:42.376718: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth1' added
Jan 14 11:39:48.571827: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth1' added
l2_packet_receive - recv: Network is down
Jan 14 11:39:48.575978: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth1' added
Jan 14 11:39:48.576069: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth1' added
Jan 14 11:39:48.576096: RTM_NEWLINK, IFLA_IFNAME: Interface 'eth1' added

Sometimes it disconnects without any error message.

This disconnects happen every 5 - 10 minutes, and wpa_supplicant doesn't
automatically reconnect, or is there a configuration option for that?

Configuration file:


Attached is the log of a successful connection.

Any help is appreciated

Stephan Walter

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