hostapd groupkey problem with madwifi

Sebastian Weitzel togg
Fri Jan 14 04:44:52 PST 2005


I'm not sure if I should better ask this on the madwifi mailinglist, but
since my problem occured through a change in hostap cvs I decided so.

I was using hostapd successfully with madwifi till version 0.2.4 of
hostap. I tried a fresh cvs checkout this year and it did not worked

The connection is configured as WPA-PSK. Authentication process is not
going further 1/4 of 4-way handshake.
I tracked down the problem to a change in driver_madwifi.c, done on
18.12.2004, revision 1.6 of this file. If I remove the line "wk.ik_flags
|= IEEE80211_KEY_DEFAULT;" it works again. By the way, hostapd prints outs
eap timeout during authentication.

The system I tested this issue on is a xscale ixp425 system, I dont know
if the problem has anything to do with this.

Sebastian Weitzel

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