Can't connect ndiswrapper+wpa_supplicant <-> madwifi+hostapd using WPA-PSK+TKIP

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Mon Jan 10 09:17:52 PST 2005

Thanks for your reply. I tried what you recommended and it failed in the
same way when using only tkip . ccmp even refused setting a key at
all :-( Is there a posting on the madwifi list on that issue? A quick
search on it gave me no results.. only one guy having the same prob and
no one replied to him yet..



Am Sonntag, den 09.01.2005, 12:07 +0100 schrieb Gunter Burchardt:
> > Really nobody can help me with that? Perhaps I should formulate more
> > concrete questions:
> >
> > - where should I look for the error? Client or host?
> > - which phase fails? As far as I understood the stuff I read so far the
> > prob is related to the crypto key exchange. Somebody can confirm that?
> > - what could be the reason for failing at that point?
> > - any chance to fix that? If it is not a stupid config problem, I would
> > also be able to try to provide a patch for the prob, but since right now
> > I do not even know for sure what the prob is.. no chance..
> Its a known issue with madwifi that ccmp and tkip fields in WPAIE are
> interchanged in some cases. WPAIE is not the same so key exchange will
> fail. If you use only one of them it has a chance to work ;).
> regards
> gunter
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