Can't connect ndiswrapper+wpa_supplicant <-> madwifi+hostapd using WPA-PSK+TKIP

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Sun Jan 9 03:07:48 PST 2005

> Really nobody can help me with that? Perhaps I should formulate more
> concrete questions:
> - where should I look for the error? Client or host?
> - which phase fails? As far as I understood the stuff I read so far the
> prob is related to the crypto key exchange. Somebody can confirm that?
> - what could be the reason for failing at that point?
> - any chance to fix that? If it is not a stupid config problem, I would
> also be able to try to provide a patch for the prob, but since right now
> I do not even know for sure what the prob is.. no chance..

Its a known issue with madwifi that ccmp and tkip fields in WPAIE are
interchanged in some cases. WPAIE is not the same so key exchange will
fail. If you use only one of them it has a chance to work ;).


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