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Thanks, but I need the conversion table to know what is the max RSSI for
each vendor, for example as you see in the attached paper, for cisco Max
RSSI is 100, for Atheros is 60, then I have to convert the numbers i get
after the percentage convertion to dbm , the last step is signal/noise
(dm) which is the subtraction of signal from noise.
So , pls look at the paper attached, i need such a table for other
vendoirs as my card Orinoco .
thanks again

>> Hello All,
>> >
>> >I have to measure SNR (db), I have two Wieless PC cards. My problem is
>> , I
>> >do not have a convertion table to RSSI and the method to convert to dbm
>> >for lucent Orinoco Gold card that I am using. Since each vendor has its
>> >specific method and value for Max_RSSI , I am not able to calculate the
>> >SNR from the values that I get from cat /proc/net/wirelss . For example
>> i
>> >got for Orinonco: link level noise
>>                    57    219   161
> On most wireless cards 57 is signal to noise ratio!
> regards
> gunter
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