Wireless Extensions v18 / WPA+802.1X support

Igor V. Bozhko ingvarr0
Wed Jan 5 22:53:35 PST 2005

Is there additional things that need to be added for making it "standard"
HostAPd driver interface? There no WEXT driver for hostapd yet, but can WE
v18 be used for the interface between hostapd and drivers?

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On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 10:53:11AM +0200, Igor V. Bozhko wrote:

> Just wondering, is any progress on this front? Iam curious because the
> movement I've seen on it is like several month ago.

I think couple of additional functions are still needed to support the
type of the drivers that take care of WPA/RSN IE generation and roaming.
The current version of wpa_supplicant has support for these, so I'm
starting to have quite good picture of what exactly is needed, but
haven't yet had time to propose an update for the patch.

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