Help!!!! I need Help!!!!

Emmanuel Lopez Trejo elopez
Wed Jan 5 21:49:32 PST 2005

Hi all, I'm new at this and I don't know if this question has been answered in
an other time, but I would like to ask it anyway if somebody have information a
I would apreciate that you sende it to elopez at thanks. 

My problem is like this, I need to install the 3COM wireless card 3CRDAG675 on a
Suse Linux distribution and I'm using the hostap-driver, but it doesn't seems to
work, when I use the 'modprobe hostapd_pci' command, it says that no device was
found. So does this model is compatible with this driver?. Could anyone help
around here please!!! I need some help urgent!!!!. 

Thanks all. 

Emmanuel Lopez Trejo
elopez at
Mexico DF.

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