wired authentication (kernel module)

Axel Christiansen axel
Sun Feb 27 15:00:18 PST 2005

Hi Gunter,
hi all,

 > Have you looked into this from the view point of what would need to be
 > changed/added to existing solutions to make them work in the way needed
 > for PAE/accounting? Could that be less work than adding a new module?
 > Would it be enough to get ebtables/iptables match for dest MAC addr just
 > before passing the packet to driver?

The PAE module sounds pretty interesting to me.

I have been looking around for a working open/free wired 802.1x
PAE for some time now. I hope your module will work well with
hostapd. I would like to try it out.

Have you made progress and are there more readings regarding your
work? URL with current module/patch?

BTW, i believe PAE should not/can not be done with ebtables/iptables.
As said before, iptables works on layer 3 and hacks around it
seem ugly. ebtables seem also usless unless you bridge.
PAE is something bevore bridging and routing.

What i want to try is to authenticate a bunch of bridges to each other.
Will the module work on wlanXwdsX ? And will
the hostap supplicant work on a wlanXwdsX ? I maybe mixing
things up :)

I gess the WPA/WPA2 hostapd functionality will not work on wds links,
will they?

Thx a lot, Axel

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