Senao txpower

Peter Abrahamsen peter
Fri Feb 25 12:04:36 PST 2005

You're perfectly right. We ought not be using amps at all. However, that's
the design I was given. In order to not use them at this point, I'd have to
wait a few weeks for new connectors, and I'd rather not do that for business
reasons. It certainly seems like getting rid of them is the best idea in the
long range, though.

Here is the physical situation: a soekris board with two minipci cards
inside a custom waterproof case. Two amps are beneath the soekris board, in
the box. The box will be about 4m from a 24dB parabolic. The remote site is
about 8-9 miles away. So, theamp is over kill.



On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 01:06:00PM -0600, Jim TerWee wrote:
> How close are you putting the amps to the radios. Generally you should
> only use an amp if you have a long cable run. For example every 50 feet of
> LMR400 will cost you 3db. You mount your amp next to your antenna 50 to
> 100 foot cable run to your radio will cause 3 to 6 db of loss. Every amp I
> have seen will handle 20db incoming so you would be okay. Cutting power to
> use an amp isn't making sense.
> A better choice would be to use a small embedded board from Soekris or
> PcEngines and mount your AP next to the antenna and skip the amps.
> I have about 30 amps that I have taken out I would give somebody a good
> deal on them if they really want to use an amp.
> A little more detail on your physical installation would help I don't
> think you should have to cut the power down to use an amp
> Jim TerWee

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