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rajan batra batraraj22
Wed Feb 23 21:55:46 PST 2005

Hello Jouni,
      I am working on IAPP code, i have gone through previous discussions on IAPP code status, but still things are not crystal clear to me.
      I request you to pls if possible kindly put some light on this issues and this will save days for me.;)

      1. Is any work being done in IAPP code developement.
      2. As said by you, about uncertainity of IAPP being part of standard, is it recommended to proceed with deployment of IAPP and enhancing Hostapd code of IAPP. 

      3.Would like to know, if IAPP is not to be continued, then what are the issues which instigates this decision.

      4. I somehow didn't find Developer mailing list for IAPP.!

Mr Jouni,  i want to start and finish with IAPP 
as a project ASAP, so to evaluate the feasibility and current status, i need your comments. 

Thanking you for ur time.

Rajan Batra.

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