driver_madwifi problem?

Larry LeBlanc leblanc
Tue Feb 22 13:40:04 PST 2005

I am using hostapd to control an AP using driver_madwifi. A while back I
posted a message because I was having trouble getting WPA-PSK to work
and I got a helpful message from Joseph Chen suggesting the following
patch to driver_madwifi.c:

<               wk.ik_flags |= IEEE80211_KEY_DEFAULT;
>               /*wk.ik_flags |= IEEE80211_KEY_DEFAULT;*/

Sure enough, after recompiling with this patch everything worked fine.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what the ramifications of this change are.
I thought I would ask before entering a bug report...



P.S. I was originally using hostapd 0.3.5 but I see nothing has changed
in this code in 0.3.7...

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