ioctl not working correct

Marc Dirix marc
Tue Feb 22 06:31:18 PST 2005


Somehow some of the ioctl function aren't working 100%

I've added some debugging to the hostapd "driver.c" and
the hostap_ioctl.c file.

In the later one I added some kernel messages to the
prism2_ioctl_giwessid function.

In the former one, I made an extra ioctl routine, to test some
ioctl-get's for different types.

When I do a SIOCGIWESSID on the driver, the kernel dmesg outputs:

ESSID :thuis-wl
 where thuis-wl is actually my essid.

However the ioctl call in driver.c returns:
	Ioctl GET returns: -1 error:7

Any pointers where this error could be generated? I'm not 100% familiar 
with ioctl calls.

Note, the setting of ESSID works fine!

I noticed, some ioctl addresses do work, but 

where the latter one outputs:

Ioctl returns: -1 error:22

Still this problem only occurs on 64bit proc.


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