Problems with WPA-PSK and madwifi driver

Eduardo Mendes emmendes
Mon Feb 14 08:42:25 PST 2005

> Run it in the foreground with degugging on, and you'll see a success
> message (or not)

There are so many messages that I am not sure what is the success message.

> >When I try dhclient atho, the system returns
> >
> >NO DCHPOFFERS received.
> >No working leases in persistent data base sleeping.
> >
> >What funny is that etho can get the ip address from the same dhcp server
> >
> >without a problem.
> Is the dhcp server directly connected to the wlan? If so is it
> authenticated and connected properly? If not, how is it connected? OTOH
> you said in a previous post that under windoze it works, so the other
> parts of your net should be ok.

No it is not but all computers wired to it the router receive an ip address 
and can see the web.  As I said, windows has no prblem to get an ip.   

> >Any ideas?
> If your system uses ifup when it boots, you may want to see if there is
> a dhclient on ath0 running already in the background. If so try killing
> it first, do an ifconfig ath0 down, then ifconfig ath0 up, and then
> wpa_supplicant, dhclient ath0.

No success.  

Here is the ifcfg-atho


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