initing FC3 system with wpa supplicant

Jonathan Buschmann Jonathan.Buschmann
Mon Feb 7 02:14:54 PST 2005

Got my madwifi driver and wpa_supplicant (WPA_PSK) to work smoothly.
I'd like some suggestion on how, using FC's initialization via ifup, I 
can cleanly get my connection correctly set up. I get the IP from the 
AP. The problem is that if I run wpa_supplicant before the card is 
initialized (via ifup) it exits with an error. If I run it after it's 
too late because the dhcp client times out (not having yet authorized 
with the AP), and so I have to run dhcp_client again.
Not a big problem I know - just wondering if someone else figured aout a 
clean solution, other than modifying the ifup script of course.

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