Success: hostapd 1.3.5, madwifi, internal EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2 w/ WinXP supplicant

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Thu Feb 3 09:15:44 PST 2005

Let's try again w/ the right e-mail list addr :)

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> As the subject says, I've got hostapd 0.3.5 latest devel release working
> with madwifi (02/01/2005 CVS sync) with EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2 with the built
> in 802.1x auth w/ Windows XP pro client.  I'm supplying a
> username/password/domain (the test one under phase 2 of the eapusers
> config file) to authenticate and I've got WEP broadcast and unicast
> re-keying active (changing keys every minute) and from the logging it
> all seems to be working just fine.
> I couldn't get the WinXP client to authenticate with MSCHAPv2 w/ only a 
> username and password -- it seems I need to supply a DOMAIN for auth
> to work.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but this should be pretty secure -- the 128 bit
> WEP keys are changing every minute for traffic, and the 802.1x auth EAP
> packets are tunneled in PEAP which are exchanged in an SSL style manner?
> (hence a "tunnel" like setup)
> Plus the password within the PEAP SSL encryption is MSCHAPv2 so yet 
> another layer of auth security -- pretty tough to break the SSL session
> plus the MSCHAPv2 to get the credentials.
> Seems if someone breaks a WEP key, it's only good until the next re-key
> which I've configured for 60 seconds.   I would think it would be impractical
> to try and break in and use the network...
> Way cool ... I'm hoping I'll have time to get the radius based setup working.
> Since the internal authenticater is new I thought I report success.
> -Eric Malkowski

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