Two Senao PCMCIA cards in Mips AMD Alchemy board

Chris techie
Wed Feb 2 10:01:28 PST 2005

Josh Green wrote:

>Hello, I'm attempting to turn an embedded AMD Alchemy board into a
>wireless access point and bridge between a point to point link.  For
>this I am using 2 Senao 200mW 802.11b cards (the one with 2 antenna

>When this happens, one card will function correctly (wlan0 available,
>etc) but the other one will not (no wlan1).  I can get things to work
>sometimes if I start PCMCIA then insert one card, wait a bit and then
>the other.  I've posted this to the Linux MIPS list also, in case its a
>MIPS related problem, but I thought I'd check here as well.
>I noticed in the hostap_cs.c file this:
I know nothing about the Alchemy product, but I can tell you that I have 
two Prism2.5-based PCMCIA cards in an x86-based board, with TI PCI1520 
PCI/PCMCIA bridge chips and the cards both come up properly.  The kernel 
module used for the PCMCIA hardware is yenta, hostap_cs is v 0.2.4, 
kernel 2.4.26.

>If anyone has any ideas on resolving these issues or can confirm them
One thing that springs to mind is the maturity of PCMCIA support 
provided for the Alchemy... perhaps this is a more generic problem with 
multiple PCMCIA cards on that platform?


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