Porting hostapd to a completely new (closed source :-( ) driver

Dan Searle dan
Wed Feb 2 02:26:28 PST 2005


I am trying to port the hostapd (0.3 branch) to a new 802.11a/b/g
radio driver, which unfortunately is closed source. I have the sources
and am working with the manufacturer on driver development for Linux,
however they seem to think the easiest way to implement
802.1x/WPA2/802.11i is to write a new driver abstraction layer
(driver_xxx.c) for hostapd.

I see from analysing the driver_xxx.c files in the hostapd sources that
the common interface between all driver_xxx.c files is as follows:

        .init                   = xxx_init,
        .deinit                 = xxx_deinit,
        .wireless_event_init    = xxx_wireless_event_init,
        .wireless_event_deinit  = xxx_wireless_event_deinit,
        .set_ieee8021x          = xxx_set_ieee8021x,
        .set_privacy            = xxx_set_privacy,
        .set_encryption         = xxx_set_key,
        .get_seqnum             = xxx_get_seqnum,
        .flush                  = xxx_flush,
        .set_generic_elem       = xxx_set_opt_ie,
        .read_sta_data          = xxx_read_sta_driver_data,
        .send_eapol             = xxx_send_eapol,
        .set_sta_authorized     = xxx_set_sta_authorized,
        .sta_deauth             = xxx_sta_deauth,
        .sta_disassoc           = xxx_sta_disassoc,
        .set_ssid               = xxx_set_ssid,
        .get_ssid               = xxx_get_ssid

Is there any detailed development documentation on exactly what these
functions are supposed to implement? I could try to reverse engineer
the other driver_xxx.c sources and infer the semantics but some docs
would be preferable.

The radio driver I'm trying to port to hostapd has it's own 802.11
stack and AP management functions so all I need the hostapd to do is
handle the 802.1x/WPA2/802.11i (TKIP, CCMP, EAP etc...) stuff. Am I
right in thinking that the bsd and madwifi radio drivers are similar?
in that they implement the AP and basic 802.11 management, and all
hostapd does is the advanced encryption/key management/radius/802.1x
EA-POL stuff?

Any pointers much appreciated, regards, Dan...


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