the unstable problem about "iwconfig wlan0 ap ap_mac" (old question)

张 yf zyf73518
Tue Aug 16 02:45:37 PDT 2005

I have search the mailing list, many question about it, but no answer can 
be definitive.

The question is: 

when commands as following are performed:

iwpriv wlan0 host_roaming 2
iwconfig wlan0 channel X
iwconfig wlan0 ap xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

if there are 2 ap, working on the same ESSID. when using the commands above 
to exchange the sta associated to the different AP, I find that sometimes 
the sta can associate the corresponding AP successfully, sometimes not. 
Therefore What is the reason?

Can anyone help me? I expect your great help.

Thanks & Regards


??????????????? MSN Hotmail?  

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