hot_plug problem of hostap driver

zhangyanfeng zhangyanfeng
Tue Aug 16 01:56:45 PDT 2005

I use a netgear MA401 802.11b card, and redhat linux (2.4.26). if I plug the card before system boot or after system boot plug the card at the first time, the card work perfectly, but after system boot, the card is taken out and then plug back, it will not work again. 

the output of dmesg is:

when card is removed:

wifi0: card already removed or not configured during shutdown
wifi0: Interrupt, but dev not OK
wifi0: card already removed or not configured during shutdown
Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 00000074
 printing eip:
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU:    0
EIP:    0010:[<d091bc97>]    Not tainted
EFLAGS: 00010286
eax: 0000000a   ebx: ce6facc0   ecx: ce73f040   edx: 00000000
esi: 00000070   edi: ce9bd23c   ebp: ce602e78   esp: cdfc9c80
ds: 0018   es: 0018   ss: 0018
Process cardmgr (pid: 3563, stackpage=cdfc9000)
Stack: ce9bd23c ce73f660 00000003 ce7b3680 d0922ae0 00000000 d091d642 ce9bd000 
       cd8fac40 d081c35e ce6fac20 cfee48aa cdfc9cee d08f595a ce7b3680 00000000 
       4050643f 00000050 ce602e40 d08f6142 00000000 cdfc9ce4 00000050 00000000 
Call Trace:    [<d0922ae0>] [<d091d642>] [<d081c35e>] [<d08f595a>] [<d08f6142>]
  [<d0822212>] [<d080dc04>] [<d080e5ab>] [<d080dc04>] [<d0821bfb>] [<d080e5ab>]
  [<d0821bfb>] [<d080df45>] [<d08222b5>] [<d080e9dc>] [<c0117c6b>] [<c0135a14>]
  [<c027e4e4>] [<c012b156>] [<c012c514>] [<c012bca5>] [<c012c053>] [<c014c399>]
  [<c012c0b2>] [<c010900f>]

Code: 8b 42 74 48 74 0a ff 4a 74 0f 94 c0 84 c0 74 08 89 14 24 e8 

when card is re-plugged:

No any response.

What 's the reason? expect your warm help.

Best Regards,
Zhang Yanfeng 
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