DHCP kills connection

Torsten Wolf t.wolf
Wed Aug 10 05:31:10 PDT 2005

On Mi, 10 Aug 2005, Gerrit Erpenstein wrote:

>I really wonder why I havent't found anything about this issue neither 
>in the mailinglist nor in the documentation. I think this should be 
>mentioned somewhere as most 'regular' users use DHCP with their wlan 
>routers and have no idea about the DHCP process.

The dhcp issue has also been mentioned on the madwifi mailing list
several times (including me). People see dhcp requests sent by the
client; the router answers these requests but these replies are _not_
noticed by the client. This also happens with my setup; the only
difference between dhclient included in Debian unstable and a recent
dhcpd is actually, that the device is not taken down. However, I do not
get any answer from the router. But this seems to be madwifi related
stuff, as iirc older versions of the driver are reported to work. In
the meantime, setting the IP manually works.


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