DHCP kills connection

Gerrit Erpenstein gerrit-e
Wed Aug 10 05:16:17 PDT 2005

Roy Marples wrote:

>Default dhclient scripts (iirc) take the interface down before
>configuring it - this in essence, stops wpa_supplicant from working.
>When dhclient brings the interface back up, wpa_supplicant has to
>All of the dhcp clients I know of have needed a few tweaks to work fine
>with wpa_supplicant.
>dhcpcd-2.0.0 http://developer.berlios.de/projects/dhcpcd/ works fine if
>called with the -o option to keep the interface up
>pump in Gentoo has patches written by myself for similar functionality
>udhcpc and dhclient in Gentoo share the same script base - and they do
>not bring the interface down for this very reason.
>Unless you're using Gentoo, dhcpcd may be your best bet.
Yeah now it works with dhcpcd. Thanks a lot Roy!
After trying out several ideas I suspected that dhclient, pump and 
probably most other DHCP clients take down the interface as I noticed 
when making a WEP connection.
I really wonder why I havent't found anything about this issue neither 
in the mailinglist nor in the documentation. I think this should be 
mentioned somewhere as most 'regular' users use DHCP with their wlan 
routers and have no idea about the DHCP process.

Best Regards
Gerrit Erpenstein

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