Necessary to download the kernel source to install hostap?

Hyewon Jun hyewon
Fri Aug 5 08:18:40 PDT 2005


I am installing hostap on fedora core 3.
I followed instructions from various howto pages, except for downloading
the linux kernel source. Now I can see wlan0 using iwconfig on my laptop.

1. Does it mean that I don't need to download any linux kernel source,
   or am I doomed to have trouble from now on?

Using another laptop using windowXP, I checked the available wireless
networks. Here my new AP was detected as a computer-to-computer network,
while my neighbor's AP was detected as an AP.

iwconfig shows me that wlan0 is in the master mode.

2. Do I need to do any further configuration beyond installation to make
my laptop as an AP?

3. My wireless card is a few years old waveLAN silver, IEEE 802.11
compatible, made by Lucent. I installed "hostap_cs" driver, instead of
"hostap_pci" nor "hostap_plx." Did I do right?

4. To bind my device to a driver, I modified /etc/pcmcia/config as
follows:  bind "orinoco_cs" => bind "hostap_cs"

Is it a right way to do?
Or, is there any better way?

Thank you very much!

-Hyewon Jun

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