Pending enhancement of multiple networks when ap_scan=2

Tolunay Orkun listmember
Tue Apr 19 21:32:51 PDT 2005


I am using Dell Latitude D600 laptop with Dell TrueMobile 1400 
(Broadcom) mini-PCI radio. To get wireless working under Windows, I have 
to use ndiswrapper + binary windows driver which comes with some 
limitations :(

Scanning does not work with ndiswrapper when the AP is not broadcasting 
its ESSID. So, ap_scan=2 needs to be set to use wireless with this sort 
of AP (unfortunately some still think hiding adds to the security).

However, in this mode only the first wireless network in 
wpa_supplicant.conf is tried. As a result it is a hassle when laptop 
needs to be used in several networks :(

It would be great if the networks in the file could be tried in priority 
order (or in the config file order if priority is the same).

I see there is already a bug open for

What is the status of this enhancement?

I would also suggest an improved hybrid scheme that brings the best of 
both scan modes.

In this mode, wpa_supplicant would attempt to scan once for the list of 
all broadcasting AP. Once the list is compiled the network entries in 
the config file would be processed in priority order (or in config file 

If the network entry has its own ap_scan=1, then the broadcast list 
previously compiled would be checked to see if ap is detected. 
Otherwise, next AP would be tried. This saves time from trying to 
associate networks that are known to be broadcasting (good APs).

If the network has its ap_scan=2, then wpa_supplicant would force/try a 
connection. If the connection attempt timeouts next network would be 

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