Socketcom Compact Flash with Symbol Chipset.

Sebastian Muñiz seba
Sun Apr 17 13:33:53 PDT 2005

Hi everybody!

I have a Socket Comm. 802.11b WL6000-320.
I has a Symbol chipset, and no NVRAM, so I know that I must load it.
In a week of STFW, I learned of
and the more important!

I?ve made it work in my laptop with knoppix, and two files from
but using spectrum_cs and the hotplug downloader.

This card is CF and I need it to use with a Zaurus SL-56000 running
OpenZaurus 3.5.2. The bundled spectrum_cs does not work at all,
so I am trying with hostap that is compiled on it too.

I?ve read everything, and my remaining problem is:
How can I say witch .hex files do I have to pass hostap?

So this is my sad story.
I am loosing my hair, and my wife is willing to call some very polite 
guys in white,
who will try to put me on a white skirt and tie my arms in my back :)

Thanks in advance.
Sebastian Mu?iz.

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