wpa_supplicant & ipw2100 on Ubuntu 5.04: Cannot negotiate WPA encryption

Martin Samuelsson hostap
Fri Apr 15 03:36:10 PDT 2005

On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 11:05:28PM +0100, Alex Willmer wrote:
> Having upgraded to Ubuntu 5.04 last week I was dissapointed to learn 
> they still don't support WPA out of the box, although wpa_supplicant 
> 0.3.8 is now included in Universe (Debian Main) and they ship with 
> ipw2100 1.0.2, including firmware 1.3.0.
> However I'm unable to get wpa_supplicant to negotiate WPA encryption, 
> using either the provided packages or wpa_supplicant (from source) + 
> {ipw2100 1.0.4 (from source), ipw2100 1.1.0 (from source)}.
> In all my attempts the error returned by wpa_supplicant has been:
> ioctl[IPW_IOCTL_WPA_SUPPLICANT]: Operation not supported

This looks like a well known bug with the debian packaging

It should be fixed in the next package upload. Until that you could
either read through the bug details, remove a patch file, compile your
own and use.

Or you could simply use debian version 0.3.2-1 while waiting as I do. If
you can't find it anywhere else it should be at
http://snapshot.debian.net/ somewhere.

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