wpa_supplicant connection problem with PEAP in 802.1X (FreeRadius 1.01)

Vladimir Vuksan vlists
Wed Apr 6 09:46:31 PDT 2005

YenJung Chang wrote:

>I ran into a problem of PEAP in 802.1X, and the radius server is
>FreeRadius 1.01.
>Attached peap-wpa-supp.log is the log file of wpa_supplicant,
>wpa_supplicant.conf is the wpa_supplicant configuration file, and
>eap.conf is the configuration file of FreeRadius.
Does PEAP work with clients other than wpa_supplicant ie. native Windows 
client or Mac OS X ?

You should also attach the freeradius debug log ie. run freeradius with

-f -X

flags. That may give you some more info.


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