Ethics question

JD. Brown brownstixzz
Sat Apr 2 19:38:00 PST 2005

> in my time experimenting with wireless networking, using the iwlist
> wlan0 scan command I've discovered at least three unsecure wireless
> networks being emanated by my neighbors.  I know who one of them belongs
> to, but not the others.

Honestly, If you know them well enough. Than, Yeah. By all means. Let them 
know about it.
If you barely know them? Hold off for a bit and talk to them more often.
I was at my parents house with my laptop and scanning the air for my parents 
AP and I came across 6 open networks. My mouth dropped.
I started asking my parents neighbors if any one of them networks were theirs? 
Only one cared to identify and when I did show them. They freaked out on me 
and started yelling and threatning me with the police. They called me a 
hacker and that I was stealing their identity. It was a mess!!! 

> Would it be ethical to connect to these unsecure networks with the only
> intention of trying to determine which neighbors they belong to for the
> purpose of letting them know the dangers of an unsecure wireless access
> point and possibly assisting them with locking them down?

Just ask around with your results. All I can say about your question is this 
and you have to answer it for yourself.
Is it ok to steal???

If you can answer that; Then you will know the answer.

> What ARE the dangers of leaving your wireless network unsecured?

A whole hell of a lot can happen. Here's some examples.

1. Their network is exsposed for anyone to use.
2. Identity theft of your name,address,ss,etc.
3. People using their networks to do illegal activity. Guess who's house the          
feds will show up? 
4. Theft of data. I.E. Online purchases, Employers documents, family photo's, 
your whole life on the p.c., etc,etc.....
5. Sending Virus via their network.
6. Send threatning letters to government agencies.

I could keep going on and on. The bottom line is that, it's very unsafe and 


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