wpa_supplicant, madwifi and WEP?

Rocci rocci
Fri Apr 1 16:42:54 PST 2005

Gonzalo Diethelm wrote:

>Since I didn't get any replies to my previous post, I'll try to ask a
>few more directed questions:
>1. Does wpa_supplicant support configuring a connection with static WEP
>passwords (what I would call the typical configuration you see on a
>Windows machine using WiFi with some kind of protection)?
I'm not sure this is going to help you but I'd thought I'd try anyway:
I only use wpa_supplicant for wpa networks myself and use iwconfig & 
iwpriv for wep situations.
For example: iwconfig ath0 essid mynetwork key 
s:mynetworksecretpassword    seems to work for me fine without the 
necessity of wpa_supplicant.
See man iwconfig & man iwpriv for further details on these wifi utilities.
I'm running Debian Sarge with a kernel, latest madwifi from cvs 
and latest wpa_supplicant from cvs.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more specific towards wpa_supplicant, but you 
may wish to try using the drivers instead, as I have indicated above.

Hope this helps you out.

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