WPA && bridge_packets dont work

Wilfried Klaebe wk-hostap
Sun Sep 26 06:52:54 PDT 2004

Am Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 12:33:35PM +0200 schrieb Wilfried Klaebe:
> > > ARP requests incoming on wlan0, but not showing up on br0.
> > > 
> > > I also tried it the other way round: If I try to ping the laptop on the
> > > WLAN, I can see the ARP requests going out on br0 and then eth0, but not
> > > wlan0.
> At the moment I'm trying to understand what happens after netif_rx() in
> the upper layers in linux... I hope to find the problem (or at least
> the solution) there. The packets do arrive in the upper layers correctly,
> else tcpdump would not be able to see them, but then something seems to
> hinder them from arriving at the bridge.

I think I found it. The packets are dropped, because wlan0 is in state
BR_STATE_DISABLED. This is because netif_carrier_ok() returns false for
wlan0. This is because at HW initialisation netif_carrier_down() is
called (only occurrence in hostap_hw.c), and nowhere later
netif_carrier_up() is called. There are two occurrences in
hostap_info.c, but none of them showed up in my logs when I put some
printks beside them.

So far, I have no idea where changes should be made, only that they are

Regards, Wilfried
Irgendwas ist ja immer...

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