Rebadged Senoa pcmcia cards with prism 3 chipset

Dermot McGahon dermot
Tue Sep 21 10:49:56 PDT 2004

Hi all,

We bought the wrong cards :(

We would have liked to have bought some 200mW Senoa PCMCIA cards.

The cards that we have are NL-2511CD PLUS EXT2 MERCURY. What I've found out
is that the NL means that they are rebadged. The EXT2 means that they have  
external antenna connectors.

The MERCURY means that they are based on the PRISM 3 chipset, which StarOS  
not have any support for. I saw a brief mention on a Seattle Wireless  
that support for these may be underway. Is this so?

Can anyone also confirm that these are 100mW cards and are basically not as
good as the PRISM 2.5 based cards? The vendor we were using  
reporting poor availability for the 2.5 cards and that the wholesale  
prices from
Intelsil have doubled since the PRISM 3 based cards have become available.


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